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Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Diane Rehm Show.

This is a wonderful informative programme on the npr radio station. You can check it online at The Diane Rehm Show.

Today's talk was to be on Making neighborhoods more pedestrian friendly - no it wasn't about controlling the car traffic as you may initially think! It was about obesity in the US. The theory was (as I gathered from the preview) that by making the place pedestrian friendly - i.e., by having most places (like shops, PO etc) at walking distance from the home - would encourage people to walk instead of taking their cars.

I feel this is not enough! Consider myself - I take my car to check my mails from the mailbox - which is within the apartment complex that I live in. I feel a basic change in attitude is needed here.

Unfortunately I missed the show, so don't know what they talked about. Just got a jist of it based on the preview about the show while I was driving.


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