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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Google search from Firefox

Cafe au Lait reports that we can do a google search directly from FireFox's location bar.

I tried it:
1. type "uml svg" (without the quotes) on the FireFox location bar.
2. hit enter.
3. voila! You get the page Kaprekar UML Model in SVG on the browser.

Yep, it goes to the first link found in the search (I'm feeling lucky).

You can also do this by typing in keyword:words in the location bar - where "words" is what you are looking for.

It seems we can modify this behavior to show the search result instead:

1. type about:config on the location bar.
2. look for Keywork.URL.
3. Highlight and press Enter on that entry. OR double-click on that entry.
4. The current value is displayed in a pop-up form.
5. Fill in the value and hit Enter (OR Click OK).
6. Restart Firefox.

Now typing in "uml svg" in the location bar should show the search results.


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