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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Metrics Scoreboard

I put in a request in the Metrics project forum to create a Scoreboard, for interested projects, of Metrics data.

Can we have a site similar to the Scoreboard [1] maintained by the PMD site?

We could have the various metrics information, for the submitted projects, listed there.

It would be fun to add a few additional metrics -
1) Longest & shortest variable names.
2) Longest & shortest method names.
3) Longest & shortest class names.

The projects could be sorted on the (max) McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity OR (max) WMC and on the No of Lines of Code.



I've listed Kaprekar and Matra in the PMD scoreboard. Kaprekar is in the green with 0.08% unused code and Matra is in Yellow with 0.54%.


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