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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Year X Reunion.

Its going to be ten years soon - since our batch passed from engineering college. I have proposed having a "Year X Reunion" and ppl seem to be interested. Lets see how it goes. Since most of us are here in the US, it will most probably be here. Don't know how many will be able to make it ... still have to decide on the time and location ... and the activities and duration.

It will mostly be a one day get-together/party. Maybe with around 50 of the around 400 batchmates - along with the families. Even 50 will be quite a crowd!

Time flies! Its hard to believe that ten years have gone by! Things have changed a lot since our time in college. I haven't met most of them since we graduated - probaby only around 40-50 of them - mostly in the first two years after graduation. In the last two years I haven't met anyone from my batch (though met a few juniors). I met around five of our guys three years back. Been corresponding with many through mails and mailing lists.

Would be fun to meet all of them after so long a time!


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