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Thursday, May 06, 2004


just got off the phone with Gurney's.
This has been one frustrating experience. (one of the few online purchases that I regret).

I placed an order with them (online) in Feb (yeah February) and I haven't received all the plants yet! I ordered 7 items and I received some of them in a trickle one at a time. Three items are yet to come (after more than 2 months!).

I should have made this puchase from a local store instead of going online.

Whats frustrating is not just the delay, but that the customer service doesn't seem to have a clue when the items will be shipped. Every time I've called them up I've got the reply "It should be in a weeks time". I called April beginning and heard that. Then on April 23rd, same reply. Today, she said that it should be shipped in a week and a half.

I spoke to the supervisor and she said that the plants are available in the warehouse, but she isn't sure how many orders are waiting before mine (hey, there are ppl waiting for more than 3 months here?) and that it should be shipped in 2 weeks (inconsistencies inconsistencies!). She apologized for the inconvenience (but that doesn't help, I want my plants!).

Now thats one site that I'll avoid.

But still hopeful that someday ... I will receive the plants :)