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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The eclipse plugins I use.

Been thinking of listing out the eclipse plugins I use, for a while. And when I saw a list I had made earlier - in my old mails - thought I'll finally sit down to write it.

First, if you are looking for a plugin, the best place to start would be (which is specifically for that purpose). You may also want to try sourceforge and freshmeat.

These are a few plugins that I use and found useful.

For static code checking -

A very good tool when it comes to java source code analysis. I run it on the code before doing a code review (though these days I haven't been doing much of code review). [hmm. I appear in the credits section of pmd]

As the name suggests, this plugin uses JLint under the covers.

I use this java code analysis tool alonside PMD.

It checks if your code adheres to standards. I don't use it much though :o.

call hierarchy
Tool for showing the possible call hierarchies. Nice tool to understand new code or to debug a problem.

For UML Modeling

A nice tool that I use for generating the class diagrams from the source code for my open source development. Though I continue to use Rational Rose for designing for my projects at work.

Other plugins

I thought that this was neat if I need to publish any code with all the syntax highlighting. I still have it on my machine, but haven't used it. But I still feel that I might use it someday. ;-)

Yeah. the name says it all!


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