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Sunday, May 02, 2004

I was browsing through some of my old mails today and found two bugzilla links that I was monitoring (this was around 2 years back).

Both the bugzilla requests (for mozilla) were regarding bookmarks. Like many others, I find maintaining my bookmarks more difficult than it ought to be. I have a set of bookmarks on my home pc, on my two office pcs and my laptop. Its impossible to keep them in sync ... in fact I've given up on trying that. So that is why I was looking for any bookmark enhancements to Mozilla.

One of these requests was for support of XBEL and another was for support for color coded bookmarks.

The former request will help in moving the bookmark store to an XML format - this will possibly help in what I was looking for. I feel more comfortable manipulating an XML file and trying to keep them in sync rather than a non-standard "html" file.

The second request was to highlight certain entries in the bookmark. Here I would rather that they take a step further and make the bookmarks display the more frequently visited bookmarked site (visited either via the bookmark or directly) highlighted. This will surely help when you have too many sites in a single folder. Maybe the less frequently visited sites could be hidden on initial view and then displayed on user trigger.

Unfortunately both the requests are in a New (!!!) status. Maybe I ought to check them two more years later ;-)