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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Prayer in XML

Wonder if there is a markup language for Prayer. I was transcribing some prayers for a while (in word/text formats). Just yesterday I was wondering how to store this ... and then I wondered why I hadn't thought about it sooner!!! For a long time I have been working on the structure for my Genealogy data to store it in XML format - why didn't I think for these prayers too? Its stange, isn't it - I never thought of prayer as data - but its definitely structured ... and so a very likely candidate for XMLization.

Now the next steps - I need to find the structure of the prayers. Maybe start with a classfication - litany, novena, canticle ... Also there are collection of prayers - rosary, angelus ...
[ A clarification - when I say "prayers", I mean Roman Catholic prayers - since I am RC myself. Making this generic for all prayers would be too much of a task and not what I am looking for right now. ]
But before that ... I'll check if there is such a markup language already available - no point in reinventing the wheel.


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